Shelley Audette Settles

Mindset coach, mentor, Shelley Audette Settles
Mindset coach, mentor, Shelley Audette Settles

Coach and Mentor

I'm passionate about mentoring women who want to define their next ten years on their own terms, not by past trauma, programming, or the expectations of others. It's never too late to be women of sass and substance!

Going Nowhere?

Quantum physics and ancient Scriptures both teach that 'ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE...'

If this is true, why are you struggling to:

  • Be more confident and feel self-assured?

  • Make more money?

  • Start or expand your ministry or business?

  • Experience better relationships?

  • Actively enjoy life more?

  • Do what 'lights' you up?

  • Give yourself permission to live the abundant life?

Cruising through the Panama Canal, 2023
Shelley Audette Settles cruising through the Panama Canal
Shelley Audette Settles cruising through the Panama Canal

Why do you feel cranky, scared or STUCK?

It's your mindset, a.k.a your belief system!

Most likely, you haven't understood how to work with your own design and creative abilities, nor have you given yourself permission to do what's on your heart.

The change you want is easier than you think when you have help.

Mentor 4 Breakthrough's Ultimate Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Genius!

Mindset coaching uses evidence-based, scientifically proven programs to change underlying paradigms to allow better results with ease and quantum leap growth potential.

10 Questions to Break Through to your Dream Destiny!

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Moving Forward

You've poured yourself into your family and your career for years. This is YOUR TIME now. If you are serious about breaking free from your past or present circumstances, if you're serious about finding and doing what makes you 'light up', I can help.

I understand where you are now; and how frustrating it can be to feel 'stuck', to pray, to invest in yourself, to work endless hours, and still never seem to get ahead. Success is assured when you understand everything in the universe is orderly and works by law.

  • Schedule your Destiny Discovery call.

  • Answer a few questions.

  • Discover how simple the Scientific Process is to step into the life you want and feel called to fulfill.

Bob Proctor Consultant

Trained under the world's foremost personal development leader, Bob Proctor, and other specialists in the Universal Laws of Success Principles.

Licensed, Ordained Minister

Former Bible College Director, working to erase scars caused by society, religion & the 'I'm not good enough' LIE, to bring out the perfection and power inherent each of us.

Author, Speaker, Teacher

Countless individuals at home and abroad use my scriptural and scientific methods and practical teaching to learn how to overcome challenges and to achieve their goals.

Universal Laws Instructor

EVERYTHING works by law. You can write your own Golden ticket when you understand how to cooperate with these invisible laws.

Take these easy steps now:

"Shelley has a rare gift of listening to identify where your current ways of thinking and feeling have you trapped. And without leveling judgment, she empowers you to challenge your assumptions and cooperate with universal laws. I’ve learned that when you do, life gets much better!"

“You have a unique way of listening to someone and discerning their needs..... Your specialness is that you dance with an individual until completion, which very few of us do.”

Happy clients

Claudia N., Christian Minister

Better Results are Waiting.

Have questions how I can help? Ask me.
Have questions how I can help? Ask me.

If you have questions about any of the Proctor Gallagher personal development programs I offer, my hybrid courses, or personal mentoring/coaching with me on a 3-, 6- or 9-month basis, let's talk. I'm here to help you step out of inertia and into a life you love living.

Schedule your free 30-minute call now.