Stop Sabotaging Yourself!

Many of us say we want a better life, more money, healthier relationships yet we do things which sabotage our getting the very things we say we desire. What your mind creates, only your mind can take away...but it can only be done by thinking differently.


Shelley Audette Settles

6/23/20233 min read

stop sabotaging yourself with your thoughts
stop sabotaging yourself with your thoughts

I heard recently a teaching by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey. They were discussing Raymond Holliwell’s book, Working with the Law.

One of them relayed a story about a store owner who decided to have a sale. He put up signs, advertised in the local papers, did all he could to promote his sale. When the day came, he locked up his store and turned out his lights.

You think this is stupid! You’d be right. This fictional illustration is not so fictional, however, when realize that we do much the same thing.

We say we want to have good health, or we want a better job, more money, a bigger house, a better marriage. We may even start to take action to get these things, but we quickly fall back into old patterns and do things which stop the flow of good into our lives. Unconsciously and unintentionally, perhaps -- but this is exactly what we do when we do not alter our habitual choices to make room for abundance in health, wealth and relationships.

Why is it that more of us aren’t truly happy? Why is it that so many Christians are praying daily for their ‘daily bread’ and not seeing provision beyond bread crumbs?

  • We haven’t understood the value of cooperating with God’s universal laws

  • We have not understood how to receive what has already been freely given to us.

  • Our limiting beliefs have sent money away from us…

Perhaps we believe it’s okay to have the amount we have and a little more, but it’s not okay to have ‘Elon Musk or Bill Gates’ kind of money. Absurd!

I am making some bold statements, and that’s the thing about our beliefs:

We accept or reject new information based on our view of the world, our belief system, and we RARELY question our own beliefs. Instead, we tend to assume that the way we see things is the way they are.

The specific teaching that I was enjoying was Bob and Mary talking about the Law of Resistance.

We’ve been raised to resist when things we don’t want seem to come our way. It doesn’t matter what you think of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Passion of the Christ, The Da Vinci Code… if you were alive when they came to the big screen you probably remember some controversy! The more the church roared and railed against them, the more money these movies made. Some people saw them just to find out what all the fuss was about. It would have been much different for each of these films if masses of people knew about and adhered to the law of non-resistance. Instead, they used their energy giving free promotion to things they said they were against.

The law of non-resistance also works another way. When we say we want more 'good' in our lives, more money, a better job closer to home, more health, whatever, yet we continue to bad-mouth our place of employment or our boss, or we identify with and talk about lack in a bad economy, our bank accounts, etc. or focus on our aches and pains, we are resisting our own good!

This doesn’t mean you ignore a negative bank balance to spend money like water, but you don’t give LACK your energy by focusing on it. You don’t ‘own’ the condition.

Instead, BLESS the situation and practice gratefulness for what you do have. Focus on these things and you’ll open yourself up to receiving creative ideas, additional resources, or whatever will help you along your journey.

Mary Morrissey is fond of saying that ‘The good you seek is seeking you.’ It finds us and overtakes us when we bless (not ‘resisting' or cursing) and when we are grateful.

If you’re into Biblical scripture, this is for you:

“Agree with your adversary quickly, while you are on the way with him…” –Mat 5:25

Why? In the Biblical example, it's so you don’t lose in court. The practice of not-resisting or ‘agreeing’ works because your opponent’s argument loses steam when you stop fueling it with your energy.

With problems like ‘more month than money’, 'agreeing quickly’ means you may acknowledge the ‘apparent’ problem but not its validity in your life. You release it and its power over you by expecting good to come. Focus on and feel as if 'your good' is already yours, whether you ‘see’ it immediately or not. A subtle shift, perhaps, but one that brings great momentum in the right direction.

It's much like going to a grocery store. You can pull into the parking lot and be disappointed that the door appears closed; or, you can expect the door to open automatically as you walk toward it. One keeps you from trying; the other (just as valid) gets you what you want.

“What your mind creates only your mind can take away.” ― Dr. Caroline Leaf, Switch On Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health